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    室溫原子力顯微鏡 RT-SHPM
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    室溫原子力顯微鏡 RT-SHPM

    RT-SHPM 室溫原子力顯微鏡
    上海伯東代理英國 NanoMagnetics RT-SHPM 室溫原子力顯微鏡, 納米尺度的磁性定量和非侵入性測量
    Imaging Modes           : SHPM, STM, AFM, MFM, EFM
    Scan Size                     : 52 x 52 μm, linearised with 20 Bit resolution
                                          (Different scan sizes are optional)
    Z Range                       : 4.8 μm (20 Bit resolution)
    Sample Approach        : 50 mm range, 0.5 μm resolution motorised Z stage
    XY Positioning             : 50 mm travel, 50 nm resolution motorised XY stage
                                           (Larger XY travel ranges are optional)
    Sample Size                 : 100 x 100 x 50 mm maximum
                                           (Larger sample sizes are optional)
    Video Microscopes      : Integrated Microscopes
                                          Top view 2 μm resolution
                                          Side view 10 μm resolution
                                          Adjustable white light sources
    Large Area Scans         : 50 x 50 mm motorised SHPM scans for low resolution experiments
    Acoustic Isolation        : Special system for acoustic and thermal isolation (optional)
    Vibration Isolation       : 0.3 Hz cut-off in XYZ directions (optional)